Demos and Walk-throughs

Gestures for Home Screen, App Switcher, Control Center and Notification Center with no home button

Here is an MP3 recording to try to help those new to phones with no home button. It is about 3 and a half minutes in length.

Gestures with no home button.

Talking Tuner, 99¢ for iOS

I really love Talking Tuner for tuning my guitars and mandolin. It is only 99¢ in the app store and works very well. Here is a demo in MP3 format that is just over 3 minutes long. I hope it is helpful.


waltr Pro

I was asked to do a demonstration of using WALTR Pro with Jaws to transfer files to an iPhone or iPad. I recorded the demo using Just Presss Recorde on my iPhone 13 Pro using the built-in microphone with Just Press Record set to record in stereo. It runs about 8 minutes. Jaws was playing through my Echo Show 5. I hope it is helpful.

WALTR Pro and Jaws.mp3

AirPods Max

I put together some information on connecting and using the AirPods Max and thought I would share it with whomever wants it in Word.


I received my Airpods Max on March 26th, 2021. I think they are great! I am also impressed with how they sound to others on phone calls. I decided to do a sample recording using Just Press Record. You can hear it below.

Just Press Record Sample

I describe the "Case" for the Airpods Max in this short mp3 file.

Airpods Max Case Description.mp3

Aftershokz Open COMM demo

In this recording, I had my wife's iPhone connected via a cable to my BookSense XT and recorded my talking to her phone through the Aftershokz Open COMM headset. I explain this in the recording, but wanted to make it clear, this recording is raw, just me doing a monolog about the Aftershokz Open Comm headset. I explain the buttons, and demonstrate the Noise Cancelation of their boom microphone. The recording is just under 8 minutes. At about the 6.5 or 7 minute mark I turned on a television and started with the volume where I would normally listen and then cranked it up extremely loudly. You can judge for yourself how effective the noise cancelation is.

I forgot to mention in the recording that the battery life is excellent. I used them for very close to 16 hours before it said "charge me." That was mostly listening time. The company says 16 hours listening and 8 talking time.
Also, they come in a nice, hard, case with a zipper around three sides. Inside is a form fitted side to store the headphones and a mesh pouch for the charging cable.
Their support is available via email and they are quite responsive. support at>

Here is the recording:


Voice Dream Reader Overview

Voice Dream Reader is my favorite app for reading books and other file types. I am putting this here because Voice Dream is also one of the more powerful apps and can be a little daunting at first. My overview is just that, an overview to help someone get a handle on the layout and some basic functions. There are two overviews, one in Word and one in MP3, the MP3 was done with VoiceDream 4.30. It was recorded with the Zoom H1Essential hand-held recorder. The word document can be downloaded by right clicking the link and choosing save as.

VoiceDreamReaderVersion430Overbiew.docx VoiceDreamReaderOverview.mp3 CAN BE LISTENED TO BY ACTIVATING THE LINK.

Adding Custom Ringtones to the iPhone

Here is a walk-through of adding custom ringtones to the iPhone using iTunes and the USB cable. It runs a bit under 5 minutes.


Recording live music with the iPhone 13 pro

Confession time.
I am putting up a sample of a recording I made recently of 6 cellist playing in an Atrium, which had a ceiling that was almost 3 stories tall. It was a large room and we were sitting in folding chairs a little more than half of the way from front-to-back and close to the middle side-to-side. If full the way they had the seats arranged with some space between, it probably would seat 150 to 200 people, more in non-Covid times.

My iPhone is the 13 Pro and I carry it in a shoulder bag.
I didn't want to try and hold it during the concert so I started recording with the app, Just Press Record, and dropped it in my carrier. So, one end is sticking down into the small bag so the microphone is pointing at the floor, through the material of the bag. The other end is pointing toward the ceiling with the flap that normally covers it pulled back to give it open access to the room.

* Nothing in the program nor nothing said from the stage forbad recording. I know, I know; probably since they record their own programs for their own subscription service they probably don't' want people like me recording. However, it was not explicitly stated and I just did this for myself out of curiosity.

Here is a sample of the 6 cellists of the 45TH Parallel Universe playing the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah.


More Live music using Just Press Record and the iPhone 13 Pro

ON sunday, April 3, 2022, my wife and I were blessed to hear the group, Amarcord, at St. Philip Neri Church, Portland, OR. Normally, there are 5 singers, but one was ill; so they came up with a program that 4 singers could do. I was blown away from the first song. They did not use a pitch pipe, tuning fork, or seemingly any signals between them. They could just start singing on key, all together.

Here is one song that was particularly meaningful to me.

Molitva za Ukrainu - Prayer for Ukraine.mp3 BY Amarcord

VLC Media Player Demo

After a question on a mailing list about Jawss and how to play a DVD with VLC Media Player and finding there was not a clear example of how to do this; I recorded about a 4 minute demo of simply how to play a DVD from the beginning and to fast forward or rewind and skip the beginning track which is often credits or the FBI warning I think. IN any case, the link below will play an MP3 file, or you can use the context menu to download it if you would rather.


Demo of creating a group and sending email with ABC Group Messaging

Here is a rough demo of creating a group and then sending an Email with ABC Group Messaging. After you have done it a few times it is rather easy.


Speaking of braille

I have put the lyrics to UEB Ain't Hard To do: A Farewell Song to Nine EBAE Contractions on its own page with a recording done by a TVI in New York named Mark Brady. Enjoy. The song was written in 2013, by Judy Matsuoka.


Siri humor

A very short example of what VoiceOver does when using Siri Voice 4 on an email preview and it finds the word "sigh."


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Updated on April 8, 2024