Exercising the pins and creating log files

Please perform the steps below to EXERCISE the pins and check all of them:

1. Power On the unit.
2. Enter into test mode (Press and hold space key + tap power button 5 times).
3. The unit shows the unit serial number.
4. Press space key, this will toggle all pins up or down.
5. Make a note of pins that are misbehaving if any
6. Press Select + down arrow key, this will automatically toggle all pins up and down. This may also help to recover the pins if they are stuck due to nominal dust in the pin movement path.
7. Allow the exercise to run for 4-5 minutes only and press select to stop the process
8. Restart the device and check if the stuck pins have recovered.

If still the pins are not recovered then follow the steps below to collect logs and send us:

1. Power On the unit.
2. Insert an SD card into the unit.
3. Enter into BIST mode (Press and hold space key + tap power button 5 times).
4. The unit shows the unit serial number followed by the software version number.
5. Start the self-test by pressing Lower Right Pan + Lower Left Pan + Dot 7 + UP key (All together).
6. The unit will enter the self-test mode.
7. Once the self-test completes, a test complete message will be displayed.
8. Exit from BIST mode (Press and hold space key + tap power button 5 times)
9. The log files will be stored on the SD card. To transfer these to a computer and email them, either the SD card can be read on the computer or read through the OR-20 unit.
10. To read the SD card through the OR-20 unit, connect the unit with the computer using the USB cable.
11. Switch the unit to mass storage mode (Press Space + Dot 7 + Dot 5)
12. There will be five .xls files on the SD card, with the first few characters of their filenames being the same as the serial number of the unit
13. Copy these five files to the computer and send them to us 14. Power Off the unit.

Please forward the logs (.xls files) to Tech Support at Orbit Research.com