Scanning Stands

In case you find it difficult to hold the phone steady for OCR, or need to scan a large number of pages, here are some stands that make scanning easier.

I own, or have access to all of these stands. I also have communicated with all the creators of the stands below. Each stand has its pluses and minuses. I have tried to keep the descriptions brief. I only provide this as a guide from my perspective. All the stand makers give at least a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you order one and don't like it, you are not stuck with it.

Fopydo Scanning Stand for the Blind and Visually Impaired

FopyDo stands for Photo-Copy-Document. It is a great concept in stands. It measures 11.75 by 9.5 by .5 inches when folded up. It is made from corigated plastic, so it is light weight but very durable. It is easy to set up. The default height is 10.5 inches and works great for scanning an 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper. At it's tallest setting, it puts the device about 14 inches from the desk and will work for scanning legal sized documents or both pages of a book at once. It has a notch to help you place the camera correctly and it has a microsuction strip on the top to hold the device steady. It is strong enough to hold an iPad Mini. There are two metal legs that have microsuction tape on the ends so it doesn't slide on slick surfaces.

You have several options for ordering:
order Fopydo using Pay pal or a credit card from: Fopydo web site
You can also order the Fopydo Scanning Stand from the National Federation of the Blind Independence Market for $12.00 plus shipping and handling. The scanning stand may be ordered online at: NFB Independence Market
Alternatively, you may place an order over the phone by calling (410) 659-9314, extension 2216.

Or, from Amazon at: Fopydo Scanning Stand
Deployment and operation instructions for fOPYDO

FOPYDO Book Reading Aid plus Scanning Stand for the Blind

Mr. Wardiga has now created an attachment that makes it easier to scan a book or a pile of lose pages. The Book Reading Aid plus Stand is $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
Book Reading Aid at Amazon

Option to buy using Pay Pal on the Fopydo web site along with both text instructions about the Book Reading Aid and a video instructions for setting up the Book Reading Aid can be found here:
Book Reading Aid on the Fopydo site

If you already have the stand check his web site or Amazon to see if the Book Reading Aid is available by itself. Or, Email him at: Fopydo Email

ScanJig, $40.00 plus shipping

ScanJig is made from hard plastic and is quite durable. It uses room light or the camera flash for getting a good stand. It measures 9 by 13, by 1.5 inches when closed. The assembly instructions are good and you can call them to get help if necessary.
Phone: 800-390-1125
Web site:

ScanJig Pro Plus, $49.00

ScanJig comes in a new "Pro" version that has a bracket to allow you to turn the ScanJig on its back and use it to scan books. See the link above or call their number: 800-390-1125

StandScan Pro Power bundle, $37.95 (StandScan Pro by itself $34.99)

StandScan Pro is a document scanning stand that turns your mobile phone into a document scanner. Combined with any of the OCR apps, provides excellent access to documents for VoiceOver users. With the built-in LED lights, you don't have to worry about lighting in the room and since the phone is kept level and at the right height for getting a clear image of the document, the OCr results are quite excellent.
The Power Bundle includes the following accessories in the price:

To read more or to order, go to:
StandScan Power Bundle

Last modified March 10, 2017