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Spoonbill Software, free

Welcome to Spoonbill Software, Albany, Western Australia, the home of free computer games for sighted, vision-impaired and blind players. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service to our clients.
All products on this website are completely FREEWARE. All games are developed to run exclusively on the Windows platform. They will also run on an Apple Macintosh computer provided it is running a Windows emulator.

  • As at August 2015 we do not have iOS or Android versions to run on your mobile phone or tablet.
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    Jim Kitchen's games

    If you like to play games, Jim Kitchen was a blind programmer who had done a lot of fun games for blind computer users. He had written them both in MS-DOS and Windows and he offered them free of charge.

    Bryan Smart has put 37 of Jim's games together in one package that you can get from his web site:
    37 of the late Jim Kitchen games now available in the Kitchensinc

    RS Games

    RS Games is a system for playing games against other people over the internet or just against computer players.
    RS Games Home Page

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    Last updated: February 2, 2017