Chromatic Scale

For anyone else who had a difficult time finding the hertz values for the standard chromatic scale, I offer these pages.

I discovered that my favorite wave editor, GoldWave, could produce notes if given the correct information. Since I am blind, and most chromatic tuners are completely visually oriented, I hit on the idea of creating notes that I could use to tune my guitar and my Celtic harp. Not being gifted with perfect pitch, I found the harp particularly difficult to tune. So, I created all the tones for the 26 string Celtic harp in the appropriate octaves. I also then selected the ones for tuning the guitar. I did all this, starting with the chromatic scale below. Once I understood the mathematical relationship of the notes, it was fairly easy to create the tones needed. In short, if you double or half the hertz value, you change the note by one octave. In GoldWave, the formula to produce middle C is: "sin(2*pi*261.6*t)".

Below are the hertz values for the octave beginning with middle C with Windows Media files that are seven seconds in length.

C3 (261.6 HZ)
Db/C#3 (277.2 HZ)
D3 (293.7 HZ)
Eb/D#3 (311.1 HZ)
E3 (329.6 HZ)
F3 (349.2 HZ)
Gb/F#3 (370 HZ)
G3 (392 HZ)
Ab/G#3 (415.3 HZ)
A4 (440 HZ)
Bb/A#4 (466.2 HZ)
B4 (493.8 HZ)
C4 (523.2 HZ)

26 string Celtic Harp
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Last updated July 27, 2005