Attaching Zip ties to the Orbit Reader 40 in place of the Lobster Clips

Les Fitzpatrick is the one who came up with this idea. Thank you Les!

If you are not familiar with Zip ties, they are skinny, plastic strips with one side mostly smooth and the other side with little grooves that act as teeth to lock it in place when finished.
At one end is a squareish head which sticks out more on the smooth side. It has a hole through it. The other end is small, which I'll call the tail.
Zip Ties were invented to hold bundles of wires together, but have lots of other uses.

To attach a Zip Tie to anything, you take the tail end and wrap it around whatever you want to hold and feed it through the head with the teeth facing in toward whatever you are tying up.

On the Orbit Reader 40, you have two attachment points that are the little rectangle holes in the front of the unit. Inside those holes, are little posts that you want to attach the tie around.
To do this, feed the tail end through the hole with the teeth facing in toward the post and as you feed it through it will come out on the other side of the post.
Feed it through until you have about equal parts sticking out of the hole.
Remember, when you tighten it up, you cannot undo it, so you want to be sure and leave enough sticking out to be able to feed it through the hole in the case and then attach the strap.
Start feeding the tail through the head and then maybe put your index finger on the inside of the tie so you don't pull it too tight. Once you have it where you want it.
You can cut off the excess at the head so you have a ring to which you attach the strap. Then, rotate the ring so the rough-head end is inside the hole, that way you have no sharp edges to deal with when attaching your strap.

When you need to remove the Zip Tie, you will have to cut it off with scissors or wire cutters and throw it away.

Orbit Research will send Zip ties to any Orbit Reader 40 owner who requests them at:
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Last updated September 17, 2022