ON this page you will find the recordings of the Zoom meetings, hosted by Robert Carter with transcripts where available, links for purchasing the various Orbit Research products, Firmware downloads, and Documentation information.

Orbit Research Purchasing Pages

I have found the Orbit Research web site less than user friendly when wanting to purchase a product, so below are the links to the product pages where you can order your desired product.

Orbit Reader 40, $1399.00 Orbit Reader 40 Padded Carrying Case $59.95 Orbit Reader 20 Plus, $699.00 Orbit Reader 20, $599.00

Magnetic USB cable

I'm copying the info from the web site, but I wanted to say here this is the best and strongest magnetic cable I have seen. I highly recommend this one.
This magnetic USB cable provides both power and data connectivity. The cable comes with three interchangeable magnetic tips – Micro USB, USB Type C and Lightning (for iOS devices). It can be used with all Orbit Research products as well as most other products that connect over USB. The cable is 3 feet in length and offers the most flexibility available in magnetic cables. Not only can the connector rotate through 360 degrees, but it also has an elbow joint that can bend through 180 degrees.
It can be used to charge devices and can also be used for data communication with a computer or smartphone e.g. when connecting with a screen-reader over USB or for updating firmware. The powerful magnet allows easy connection while protecting the device from accidental yanking of the cable.

Magnetic USB Cable – Micro USB, USB Type C, Lightning, $14.95 Orbit Reader 20 and 20 Plus Padded Carrying Case, $29.95 Orbit Writer, $99.00 Orion TI-84 Plus – Talking Graphing Calculator, $649.00 iBill US Currency Reader, $119.00 Graphiti® – a Breakthrough in Non-Visual Access to All Forms of Graphical Information

Orbit Reader and Writer firmware Downloads

After dealing with the difficulty in finding the firmware downloads for the Orbit Reader braille displays, I decided to simplify things and put direct links to the firmware download pages that are available. I hope this helps people find them more easily.

For the Orbit Reader 40

Orbit Reader 40 Firmware Download Page

For the Orbit Reader 20 Plus

Orbit Reader 20 Plus Firmware page

For the Orbit Reader 20

Orbit Reader 20 Firmware Page

For the Orbit Writer

Orbit Writer Firmware Page

Documentation for the Orbit Research Products

OR20 and 20Plus

Or-20PlusCommandsQuickReferenceGuide.txt PAGE Orbit Reader 20 documentation Orbit Reader 20 Plus Documentation PAGE


Orbit Reader 40 User Guide in multiple formats OR-40CommandsQuickReferenceGuidev1.4.txt OR-40CommandsQuickReferenceGuideUEBG2v1.4.brf (Contracted) OR-40CommandsQuickReferenceGuideUEBG1v1.4.brf (Uncontracted) OR-40CommandsQuickReferenceGuideUS-EnG2v1.4.brf (EBAE Contracted) OR-40CommandsQuickReferenceGuideUS-EnG1v1.4.brf (EBAE Uncontracted)

iBill Currency Identifier

iBill currency Identifier Documentation

Orion TI-84 Plus – Talking Calculator

Orion TI-84 Plus – Talking Calculator Documentation

Orbit Reader Zoom Meetings audio plus transcripts

Below are links to all the available recordings of the monthly zoom meeting hosted by Robert Carter. They are zip files, so if you wish to download them, I recommend tabbing to the link and using your application key or shift+f10 and selecting save target as. It should then download the zip file onto your hard drive.
Each file contains the chat, transcript, and mp3 recording.

OrbitResearchSeptember2020ZoomMeeting.zip OrbitResearchOctober2020Zoommeeting.zip OrbitResearchNovember2020ZoomMeeting.zip OrbitResearchDecember2020ZoomMeeting.zip OrbitResearchFebruary2021ZoomMeeting.zip OrbitResearchMarch2021ZoomMeeting.zip OrbitResearchApril2021ZoomMeeting.zip OrbitResearchMay2021ZoomMeeting.zip OrbitResearchJune2021ZoomMeeting.zip OrbitResearchJuly2021ZoomMeeting.zip

Orbit Reader 40 Alarms

IN looking through the manual on using the 2 alarms available, I noticed that in the current version of the manual, they failed to mention that when you right arrow to the status, in order to change the status, you have to first press select. I also discovered that there are 5 different sounds to choose from. I thought it would be nice to have a place to preview the alarms. So, here they are:

Alarm1.mp3 Alarm2.mp3 Alarm3.mp3 Alarm4.mp3 Alarm5.mp3

Orbit Reader 40 Audio Description

apparently there have not been many good descriptions of the Orbit Reader 40 made available. So, for what it is worth, here is my attempt at describing it in an MP3 file.


Here is an attempt to demonstrate the sound of the keys between the Orbit Readers 40 and 20.


Jaws Driver for the Orbit Reader 40

If you tab, or use the links list in Jaws, and go to the link below and use shift+f10 or your applications key, you can save the driver file using the save as or save link as option in that context menu.
Then, run the driver .exe file to install it.


Orbit Reader 20 Jaws Commands

If you have the Orbit Reader 20 braille display and have a hard time finding the Jaws commands to use it with Jaws, Here they are in a table: OrbitReader20JawsCommands.html

Exercising the pins and creating log files

Here is a link to the instructions for exercising the pins in case one or more are not performing correctly. If exercising doesn't resolve it, there are instructions on creating log files to send to Tech Support.


Orbit Reader Email List

Below is the link to read about the Orbit Reader email list and access the archives, followed by the direct subscription link which will open an email so you can send a blank email to join the list.
Orbit-Reader email list home page
Orbit-Reader + subscribe at Groups.io

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